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09-13-2013, 01:02 AM
Thanks for the replies.

I figured I'd need a new ship, nice to think I can get by with the Breen ships I already have for two of my toons (not the Rom, of course, he'll have to go Dhelan if I try it with him). I'll look into the Aceton Assimilators for the two KDF ones, although I'd sooner avoid the Tachyokinetic if possible, lobi are awfully expensive (I suppose in principle I could buy keys from the exchange and sell the stuff from the boxes and hope it comes out neutral, but I feel like I could drop a lot of ec down a hole that way). Just picked up a Subspace Integration Circuit, I'll definitely get one for each toon I plan to try this on. Attack Pattern doffs are awfully expensive, and look like they'd max out at only a 30% reduction with 2 purples (rather than the 50% needed for minimum CD), so I'm a little worried about whether they're really worth the cost. But of course, some mechanics operate unexpectedly, and sometimes an imperfect solution is still the best, so if you think I need them I'll try to get them, I never thought this would be easy, after all. The Warp Core Engineer is definitely doable for one toon, and the DCEs shouldn't be a problem. I'll probably start with that Fed sci since that's the one that already has Plasmonic Leech, and I guess to use that effectively I should replace his MACO shield with an Elite Fleet one.

So I guess beyond that it's just find a group of decent players, read the tips on the wiki, and practice a ton.