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Originally Posted by kodachikuno View Post
Make a rom D-7 Charge $3 for it and let us roll retro in t1
Well, see, we can get what is essentially an updated D7 now, and reskin several other ships to look like a D7, up to tier 3 (and what I personally think is more like tier 3.5, namely, the Koro't'inga). This of course presupposes alliance with the Klingon Empire. Obviously, Fed-allied Romulans can't do this.

I would like to see tier 5 ships with skins to look like the TOS Constellation class (not the movie Enterprise, but the TOS Enterprise), the TOS T'Liss, and the TOS D7. We have photonic technology, after all. In one of those Devidian missions, it is actually used to make a KDF vessel look like a D7 (no matter what tier the ship is), so why not allow it to be used on a vessel permanently, no matter the tier of the ship? Too bad Gene and Majel have passed; I suspect they wouldn't be so an.. uh, wouldn't be as constipated about the idea as CBS seems to be. Maybe all that's really needed is the right pitch, like this I've suggested with reference to "Night of the Comet," the KDF version of which says at one point:

One more thing before you start. I also added a holoemitter to your vessel. You will appear to be a D7 loyal to the House of Duras with all of the appropriate access codes for the time period. I would have acquired an actual D7 for you, but you will need your ship's modern firepower and shields to complete your mission.
Obviously this can be done, as demonstrated by the mission. No good reason for preventing players from having it done permanently to any vessel in their command has been offered, other than "CBS won't let us." And yet, has anyone pointed out the facts that:
- it has been done temporarily
- the technology exists to allow any ship to look like any other ship
- the same technology is standard on some vessels already (the NCC 1701-D, for example, had internal holosuites, and even now, we can use a BOff power called "Photonic Fleet," which creates holographic vessels to fight alongside us -- surely it can't be an issue of power limitations if we can "summon" not just one, but three whole photonic vessels with the actual firepower and so on of the real vessels)

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