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09-13-2013, 02:39 AM
All questions are from me.

Questions for borticus, adjudicatorhawk, or anyone else that works on systems:

1. Is it possible to change the fleet stores, dilithium store, and crafting stations to allow us to custom-build our own items instead of just presenting us with a fixed list of items? I would like a UI that allows us to select the item type, mark, and modifiers. (For embassy boffs, I would like to select the traits.) Often, players would like certain combinations that are not among the choices selected by Cryptic. If you feel that certain combinations are too powerful, then you can forbid the UI from creating those combinations.

2. Are there plans to fix the trait descriptions? Many traits have not had their descriptions updated, even though the functionality of the trait was changed with Legacy of Romulus. Some of the descriptions that were updated are missing stats. I've also read that for some traits, the descriptions in the character creator and the "Traits" tab don't match.

3. What is the formula for converting negative damage resistance ratings to damage resistance percentages? Some testing done by players seems to indicate that the formula for negative damage resistance is different from the one for positive damage resistance.

4. What is the formula for converting resistance ratings to resistance percentages for the following effects: drain, slow, hold, stun, placate, confuse, and knockback. Are there different formulas for negative resistance and positive resistance? Are there different formulas for space and ground?

Questions for someone in charge of fixing tailor bugs:

1. Many players have reported that certain MACO, KHG, and Omega Force costume options won't unlock for them, even though they've completed the relevant accolades. Borticus indicated some time ago that a fix was being worked on (see thread below). Can get a status update on this?

2. KDF players currently cannot edit the boffs awarded for reaching the highest Marauding commendation rank. Are there any plans to fix this?

3. Why is there a distinction between uniforms, off-duty costumes, and formal wear? Many players would like to mix costume pieces from different categories. We know this is possible because of NPCs that wear mixed costumes.

4. Why is the color palette restricted based on faction and costume piece? Many players would like unrestricted color palettes for all costume pieces, regardless of faction.