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09-13-2013, 02:54 AM
Ok, let's give this 'Interview a Dev.' a try.

Questions for Al Rivera (Captain Geko)

1. In his latest interview for the "Gates of Sto'vo'kor" podcast, Mr.Stahl mentioned that one more new KDF ship will make an appearance before the end of the year. We've also had a lot of forum speculations regarding a T5 Negh'var Retrofit.
Can you shed some light on this or at least confirm any of it? Are the KDF players right to be expecting this new T5 ship before the end of the year? And if yes, can we have some details?

2. Since the release of the "Legacy of Romulus" expansion and the introduction of the Romulan Warbirds, the Klingon Birds of Prey have been the focal point of many forum discussions. Can you share your opinion of the current state of the KDF Birds of Prey in the game and do you believe they need some adjustments in order to stay competitive?

3. What is the decision process behind the decision when to release fleet versions of certain ships?

4. There is an issue regarding the customization of many KDF fleet ships that has already been acknowledged for a long time, but nothing has been done about this. I'm referring to the lack of customization of certain fleet ships like the Corsair FDC or the Scourge that can't be customized unless you own the C-Store version, something that is not the case with the Federation fleet ships. Also, the fleet B'Rel can't use the B'Rotlh(D'Gavama) skin, while the C-Store T5 B'rel Retrofit can use it if the player owns the T1 B'rotlh. Is there any timeframe in which we can expect this issues to be ironed out?

5. Ever since the Romulan faction made an appearance in STO, there have been ongoing debates about the strength of the Romulan Boff space passives and the effects of them stacking. There are a lot of concerns within the forum community about this being somewhat of an unfair advantage that Romulan Boffs get over Starfleet and KDF Boffs.
Is the possibility of reworking some of the passives for KDF and Federation Boff species to keep them on pair with these Romulan ones being considered?

6. Lately it has been my perception that the vast majority of ships being released scream DPS and Tactical. You have mentioned in previous interviews that you and your team have been considering adding exclusive elements to the ship classes like armor slots for cruisers and double deflectors for science vessels.
When can the other classes expect some of that same love for their classes of ships? Also is that idea I mentioned or a similar one still being considered and if so, how far has it gone until now?

7. In PvE - the science abilities are useless and the tanking role is obsolete. A team of 5 escorts(or similar ships of the tactical breed) can do end-game PvE, STFs with optionals far better, faster and more effective than any other combination. Regardless if I personally agree with this statement or not, this is one of the most popular beliefs stated continuously on the STO forum.
What is your take on this as a Lead Content Designer for STO?

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