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Originally Posted by ehrlehn View Post
Well, if you are wanting a bit more smack from your eng fahcr for pve grinding, i would suggest the following:

Ditch the tets for polaron crth crtdx2 beams: 7 + kcb.

Ltc tac: tt1, apb1, faw3
Com eng: eps1, a2b1, epw3, dem3
Lt eng: epe1, a2b1
Ens eng: et1
Lt sci: he1, tss2 or ph1, he2..iprefer the first for pve grinding.

For consoles, eng: borg, tachy/rcs, zeropoint, elachi crit if you have it/ leech
Sci: field gen, dealers choice

4 polaron tac

I run 2 pc borg plus elite res shield, fleet amp core

But thats my usual pve grind beam build... it tosses the hurt to those poor npcs pretty effectively.
If this is for PvE then epe1 I would switch out for epw1 and stick rsp or extend shields instead of epw3. Reasoning is you get a 100% uptime on shields and weapon buff and can put something in for support or survivability. You also don't run into useless ensign syndrome as much. I find it's generally hard to die as an engineer in A2B builds so I would go extend shields, your team mates will love you for it.

I also would switch FAW3 with APB2 and use FAW2. If you have a damage parser try both of them and see what comes out ontop for you, will be heavily reliant on your attack patterns skill level though.

As for KDF, I always go orion as they get more costume options even if it is just mildly sl***y to complete w***e. If you're looking for specific traits etc I guess alien or joined trill might be best but I think others might have better ideas.
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