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Ok so what are peoples opinions on this new ship, I got them yesterday to give me an alternative to my Adapted destroyer, at first I was a bit disapointed, they seemed a bit squishy, I tested in private pvp and found its fairly useless in the set up i have, however it shines in PVE, i re armed it for a cannon loadout and wow, its still squishy, and will melt under fire, but my AD is the same, the addition of the battle cloak and singluarity more than makes up for this, after a bit of testing and getting used to it, I find its an excelent escort, does some serious damage with the 2 set and the quads are just as daft as the others, the final fun peice it has is the Death Ray, similar to the Garumba, Klingon Bus, and Fed Dred, it has a powefull energy beam attack that if used right can shred a target.

Over all i am loving this ship, tho forgot to put my valdore console on it so will be changing that later and see if that helps its performance, I am interested in seeing what others are thinking to this ship.
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