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09-13-2013, 04:36 AM
I also agree with what most people have said so far, I don't think representing the player's character son is a good idea. Gender, race, backstory, straigth or not.... There is a lot of reasons for that.
Except if you use some twist to add it, I'm thinking about the Doctor's daughter, a Doctor Who episode, where his DNA is used to make a young woman (kind of cloning), which is close enough to be considered his daughter. She is considered her daughter. In STO, you can say the player adopt a kid, for some reason (diplomacy, kid was alone, whatever), and then consider him his son. Or meet some alien race that makes a child from his DNA, and the kid look like them instead of the player.

However, you'll still face people that will not like to have a child "forced" upon them. I know I will not like it, my character have backstories, and I wouldn't like someone else modifying those stories.

As for the request, I agree it is lacking. I was thinking about a mission bringing the player in the future, in an unknown place quickly revealed as a post apocalyptic academy. Using fog, and debris to confuse the player, until he can see the golden gate or whatever. Something like Planet of the Apes (the movie), or the Enterprise episode with Archer going into a devastated future.