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09-13-2013, 07:20 AM
I've read in several places, and I agree, that crossing up captains and ships (tacs in cruisers, and engineers in escorts; I have no idea about Science ships...) is an effective strategy that, rather than concentrating all your strengths, makes the ships more effective and versatile in general.

Yes, as already stated, engineers will be more durable in cruisers, and tac captains will be more pew-pew-ey in escorts; but, personally, I prefer a more damaging cruiser and a more durable escort, rather than putting all my eggs in the one basket. I'm still new, but I?m having fun with a tac Galaxy (I know, I know...) and an Engi currently in a Defiant... [Note also, what I say is all PVE. Not a PvPer, myself.]

Neat thing is, with some of the cheaper mirror ships, one can experiment with both options without a ridiculous amount of disruption...