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Using the duty officer system (AKA as just "Doffing") is actualy kinda imporant in the long run of your time in STO.

When a doff mission completes sucessfuly, you get, usuualy, some Energy Credits (ECs), some dilithuim, Experince points, Skill points, and sometimes an odd extra reward (an Item, a Doff, a Boff, or a buff to a skill of some kind). The longer the mission takes and how risky (Rule of Accquistion #62), tends to decided how big the reward is. In the exprince catagory, you earn experince for leveling your toon (helps you level a little faster), and Commendation experince (CXP). each Doff mission is asscociated with a Commendation track.

The best way to earn the most rewards is to make sure the duty officers' traits match the "Success" and "Critical Success" requirments of a mission, and not the "Failure" or "Disaster" ones. Also note the "Casuality" possiblites of a mission. Doffs can get hurt (and require some time in sick bay before they can be used again) or outright killed and gone forever (Note: this applies to all doffs, so even though you can get non-organic doffs like an EMH hologram [Known as the "Photonic" race] it can still be hurt or killed). So if you have a doff who's of great vailue, but the risk of damage is extream, you might want to rethink that mission, becuase even if you scuceed, they can still end up not coming back.

Now, THE most important of the commendation tracks is the "Diplomacy" (Fed and Fed ally Rom) and "Maruding" (KDF and KDF ally Rom) tracks (they are counterparts to each other). For each tier you complete of any track, you are awarded one free doff and a new title, plus a small experince reward. When you level up in Diplomacy and Marurding, you get more. For levels 2,3 and 4, you unlock a new Transwarp destionation for your transwarp menu on the minimap window. Feds earn Deepspace K-7 at tier 2, Starbase 39-Sierra at teir 3 and Deep Space 9 at tier 4. KDF earns "romulan Space" at tier 2 (read as Alpha Centuari Sector Block, drops you off near memory alpha), Regulus Sector Block at tier 3 and "Cardassian Space" (Beta Urse sector block, near DS9, since even though it's still a defacto FED station [as Bajor is now a federation world], DS9 is open to all Klingon captains)

At tier 3 of both you can sneak into the enemy home sector block and you can gift to other players "Diplomatic Imiunty" (FED/Fed-Rom) or "Raiding Party" (KDF/KDF-Rom). This allows them acess to the enemy home sector for 1 hour (you can come and go as you like), plus a speed boost in sector space. Note that these two speed buffs actually stack. You can give raiding party to feds and Diplomatic imminy to KDF. Couple them with the fastest engines in the game (Borg Sub-transwarp) and the level 50 "Quantuim Slipsteam drive" power, I was doing Transwarp 44 once, pre Legacy of Romulus speeds.

At tier 4, you get a purple (very rare) bridge officer of the other faction, IE, my primary fed captain has a orion tactical Boff, and Fed captains get a spiffy uniform to wear.

Once you fill up a commendation track, you can continue to earn CXP. If you join a fleet, for each 10,000 points over the limit you earn, you can trade that 10,000 in for a helping of the "Fleet Marks" currency, to spend of fleet projects to get the "Fleet credits" which allows you to buy fleet gear.

If you want to earn the rewards a little faster, check the exchange and any doffs you might pick up for being "Consultants". I have one on my fed main that earns me 2% extra CXP.
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