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09-13-2013, 09:12 AM
your fed tac is in a defiant? i guess the defiant is pretty outdated atm, u will do a lot better in a fleet patrol or for instance a steamrunner with aux2damp build is also a great combo if you have this ship!

if i may show u an example of an actual steamrunner build:

CMD TAC: Rf 3, ApO 1, Mine pattern beta, tt 1

LtCMD TAC: ApO 1, Rf 1, tt 1

Lt ENG: EptS 1, Aux2Damp 1

Lt ENG: EptS 1, Rsp 1

Ens SCI: Haz 1


- 3x purple shield distribution officers (u will need the additional shield heal becuz of the lack of sci boff

- 1x aux2damp doff

- 1x warp core engineer (kel'el) chance to clear debuffs when activating eptX abilities)

Ship equipment:

Eng slots: 2x enhanced fleet neutronium with turn rate trait, 1x assmilated module, 1x plasmonic leech

Sci slots: 1x tachyokinetic converter, 1x zero-point console

a ship which has a turn rate of 65 degree per second with aux2damp and loads of hull resistance approx. 50% with aux2damp and decent dps.

u cant keep ur targeting arc in ur actual ship? what do u mean with it precisely? do u have enough turn rate on ur ship? are u using "follow target" as camera settings?

Regards Hanni

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