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09-13-2013, 09:17 AM
Originally Posted by g0h4n4 View Post
Well with your 23 Second RSP +buffs it is very difficult to kill you unless under the right circumstances and that kill window is very small.

As I said if you have a good sci build a single double tapper should not be able to kill you, unless you are enaged with others and using up your buffs, occupied e.t.c

Well I'm free to be a punching bag on tribble for testing purposes to see if the changes to bo are unwarranted

But I'm pretty certain the changes are warranted for more balancing....let me know (anyone) if you guys want to test it out...I'll jump on when I'm not too busy these days

"I understand what actually transpired now. He didn't hit you with Elachi weapons, maybe yes, maybe not, that's irrelevant. Nor did his shots actually ignore your shields per say. I think you should have at least saved the combat log. If I guess correctly, since I wasn't there, Mini was in his Emoe / Romulan T'Varo when this happened. His Tactical stations would look roughly like this"

Elachi weapons alone have a very small percentage % of penetration so yes I doubt mini would rely on elachi weapons alone
It makes sense what you said and I agree that the changes should nip this imbalance in the bud and I know mini would be upset that such a change might occur but I know mini can more than kill me without using bleedthrough or double taps as his crutch (I mean that in a good way). I'm harder to kill than some because I am always keeping my guard up, however I make mistakes in this game especially if Im focused on concentrating on anouther player in 1v1 which makes the perfect time for someone like mini to alpha me.