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Originally Posted by vegie0 View Post
Legendary story told by older Klingon Players.

This is the story of the origional MACO shield. And the beginning of the true skill gap between Klingons and Federation PvPers. This story revolves around the initial bug that gave the MACO shield a shocking 90% resist to all incoming damage! This ment that any person using it, was all but immortal. It stayed this way for what seemed like an Eternity, leaving us Evul Klinguns with no real options to compete. Many lost hope and quickly switched to the Fed camp to acquire such a powerful shield. Some of us however found need to push through. We would not be beaten so easily, we couldn't... So we began to experiment with High Powered Attacks, that could drop even the 90% resist shield to 0 and hold it there. This would leave us with a very small window to attack during... We knew we would need to do unreal Damage. So the Modern Alpha Strike was born. Pushing more then enough Damage to break the strongest of shields and take healthy bites out of hull in the process. Even waiting for the break in the opponents Tactical Team Cycle became a skill in which perfection was demanded. Within a few weeks, new tactics had evolved into Shield Strippiing, Multi Vectored Alpha Strikes, Single Shield Barrage Strikes, Power Drain Builds, Sheild Dissabling Builds, Transphasic Shield Bypass, Bleedthrough Builds, and even Theta Radiation Shield Stripping was finaly put to its fullest.
These were the best of times, the times when the victory was not only hard fought, but well earned. This is what makes these battles memorable, as we Klingons were on the verge of Defeat, and this hour of Desperation breeded new Innovation.

The story of the Klingon. Fight, Fight, and Fight some more. If you want to kill them, all you need to do, is want it more then they do.
Such a good story I can remember that there were a lot of players speaking of the MACO bug.

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