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Omg, Omg, Omg, a Romulan pwe-pwe TAC boat.

All sarcasm aside. really another Roumlain TAC ship. OK a so called " class" of boats that seams to be a bit TAC heavy to begin with ( how many little green crumpley fireworks shows have we had seen May of this year, be honest). War birds are either honky large monsters that won't hold together unless you really know what you are doing , or little itty-bittie target practice pop boats that are one torpedo hit away form a quick light show. Another boat with this same layout dose not help things. In the last day i have seen a few show up in the game . I have to say "no i won't buy it i have bought enough". The ones that were offered from the start were ones that either made sense story wise, or were ones that i wanted to use that were in the game from the get-go as NPC\S. What is offed with them dose not sweeten the sale neither. Some silly quad plasma cannons . No , i have tons of quad phase and disruptor tweet tweet cannons taking up space on ships that i don't use or in bank slots. I don't have need for any need for any more.They are just quads of a different flavor , and for dam sure not plasma.