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Originally Posted by starwrathforever View Post
Now I'm serious, Fed comrade...
I know, I know...when pugging for the first times is really frustrating being roflstomped so often by the evul Klinguns and a single brave Fed can't do anything to change that.
Due to the evul aggressive nature of our ruthless and vicious enemies we Feds must learn above all how to defend ourselves, because they've two big advantages against shields draining builds and the infamous battle or enhanced cloaks.
Our military R&D and pacifist policy really suck, not the Fed Captains who fight every time with great courage!
In a simple pug battle the KDF easily wins because they are more devastating, their enormous Battle Cruisers and Carriers withstand the Fed attacks while the Bops lurking in the shadows are able to quetly read the abilities of the target ship and strike a terrific alpha at the right moment.
So the inexperienced Feds will be mercilessy vaporized!
We are in need to crosshealing and teamworking all the time to balance our disadvantages and then our advantages, best defensive capabilities and best sci vessels, will shine!
My advice, if you wanna win sometimes, is fight in Arena with a pugmade that is with skilled Fed players, stay together with other Feds forming a so called fedball to effectively coordinate the counterattacks and the healings.
The same in C&H and at Ker'rat...never fight alone, be ready to heal your pal or help a Fed attacking.
In this way the battles will be more satisfying!
Regarding the Romulan we Feds have powerful allies and in general our power has greatly enhanced!
Funny, but in Pugs, I see a lot of lockbox and romulan ships on the other side-the fed side. it's actually pretty rare to see a Fed team that isn't mostly made of Romulans and alien, non-federation ships.

and yet, when I've switched to my Fedgineer in a Fednebula, and FvF'ed, I felt like the odd one-because it was mostly lockboxes and romulans there, too.

Now, the Neb being a sci ship with the handling of a bloated cruiser, mixed with arguably the worst class you can run in PvP (engineer), I found that I was still doing fairly well compared to the Feds I was flying with, and against.

which is asnine-as a KDF pilot I know I'm not very good, so I reeeeaaaallly end up wondering if it isn't the quality of the players when I'm suddenly belle-of-the-ball for that Elachi destroyer and I'm matching him death-for-death. (I kill him, he respawns, kills me, rinse, repeat).

upshot is, I shouldn't be killing ANYTHING effectively in a Neb using an Engie toon-but when the other guy has loaded himself down with so MANY Uni consoles (Subspace Jump, plas leech, some goofy blackout thing, etc etc. etc. ) that he isn't a 'build' he's just a collection of expensive parts (and this seems to happen pretty frequently-I've seen similar 'builds' floating around as everything from galors and JHAS to JemDreads, Scimitars, that goofy-narada-looking Tal boat, T'Varos...etc. etc.)

it's just ridiculous.

My advice to the OP:

Don't be a geardo. read the Hilbert guide, and let it advise you in how to build your ride. Listen to Starwrath here, and let that inform you as to the grande Mystere known as 'Tactical flying'-even when you're not a tac.

It's not (as) embarassing to win 15-0 if you're flying a BoP against the Romulans that do the Feds' fighting for them, it IS embarassing to break even with a ship you got for free during the summer event captain'ed by the weakest class and only running white/green gear and grab-bag Bridge officers.

Geardoes are like fighting PvE bots-they load down with special abilities to the point that their build ends up sucking rocks.

If you're going to use a uni console-build your build to make use of that ONE uni console, don't pile them on like they're going to buy you a win. a solid build beats a geardo most of the time, and a mediocre build will (as I found out) at least hold their own vs. a geardo.

I mean, criminy, I play that fed so seldom she doesn't even have Tier 1 passives on any of her rep yet!
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