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Hey all,

I'm just wondering if there's a trick to entering rings and such along an angular path.

For instance, there was a time-travel mission where I had to fly around a star to return to my own time, and there were rings I could not get through. Also, the Risian floater thingy required that we fly thru rings. I don't have a problem flying, I have a problem getting the next ring to show up so I can see it without having to click and drag the screen to line it up. When I do that, it always takes too much time, and I wind up missing the next ring... Just wondering if there's a trick to it...

Thanks is advance!

most of that is throttle control and twitch. you have to get a feel for the timing for your course corrections-and not overcompensate (which is hard when you're running it in a fast turning ship....)
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