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09-13-2013, 05:48 PM
Originally Posted by rendar1970 View Post
This is what I changed my Fleet Defiant too after some recommendations here and on the organizedpvp channel.

Still feels 50/50 to me. I cant either destroy a player in 1-2 passes. Or can spend the whole match firing at 1 person and never drop a shield facing.

So far PvP is starting to already seem hopeless to me unless I want to drop a ton of cash for better gear/lockbox stuff. Im going to keep trying though. Really want to make a home in pvp in this game.
I only do not understand one thing, why did you put 3 points on projectile weapon specialization, if you do not even use any torpedo or mine? You could better use that 3 points on energy weapon specialization.

And perhaps you could try out to use an EPtW I, may that be more efficient, with hitting the maximum amount of weapon energy and that plus 10% damage or more, I do not recall the number precisely.

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