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09-13-2013, 07:01 PM
Originally Posted by panserbjorne39 View Post
Well man you must be lucky or maybe I just play too much as I see them every night. What your sayin, I totally agree with and it would be great if people would do this. But they won't. That's why there must be penalties. Just like in RL, where we have to have religion, laws and government to keep mofo's in line. Because it's not in people's nature to just do the right thing. They must be punished for being naughty!

leaver penalty will just make sure the victims have to stay to get griefed by the campers

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Good call, I'm gettin sick of the 5v4's, 5v3's 4v5's 2v5's etc

Last time 5v4 and they cried it was unfair, well ok sure its bad, and we said soryr for your loss but instead of keep going like a man just warp out because you cant find against the odds.

When is the last time you took on a 5 man premade with 3 sci in wells and recluse while you were in a pug with only 4 people?
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