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09-13-2013, 06:14 PM
Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
The Ensign level counter is pretty standard in STO... why should Tractor beam be immune to this.

Tractor is countered by PH 1 Completely... and EPTE mostly negates it, it in that it helps people get outside the 5k range.

I don't see any issue with that.

If we are going to go off on Ensign level counters.

There are many more ensign level counters that 100% cure things.

How about Hazards 1 clearing Siphen 3... or Eject Warp Plasma 3... or Tykens 3.

EPTE isn't a hard counter its a soft one.

Frankly tractor beams with Zero spend in Graviton shouldn't hold anything at all imo.

Why is it that so many people think there 100% unspeced stuff should work perfectly all the time... even when there target is running soft and or hard counters ?
Honestly tho, higher ranks should also increase the strength a little bit more, it does _NOT_.

Ok. spoil a whole Leituenant or Lieutenant ocmmander for a few secs more tractor? thats dumb. Increase the strenght on rank upping too.

In that case nothing on EptE needs changed and investing anything higher then TB1 is finally worth something.