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09-13-2013, 08:26 PM
I guess I will just reiterate what many have said here.

This ship LOOKS good on pure appearance and seems to be what we had wished the D'Deridex was from the onset.

As far as the performance though... It has a lot of Competition that outshines it. The Valor, especially the Fleet one, the Fleet Dhelan, the Fleet T'Varo, and the Vet ship all are superior to this ship.

Losing subsystem power is harsh on Romulans so if you want to use Annihilator mode you are really weakening your already flimsy tank. Taking away your Singularity Powers to use the beam further aggravates this problem and in PvP the chances of keeping a target in line with that beam are slim to none. In PvE the beam is decent but it is not going to be enough to really make the ship better than the others listed.

Quad Cannons are also a big problem because they suck down too much energy and destroy your engine power which ultimate slows you down and makes you turn worse which is extremely unwanted on this ship.

So basically... It looks beautiful and has a decent layout but its tricks are not that great and if you do not want those then there are a lot of other options which are blatantly superior.