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I enjoyed the discussion in the previous thread about damage-dealing powers. I'm also adding these 'Tipping Point' threads to my signature as well (including a couple ideas I've thought up for future ones, and as always, feel free to suggest more).

So, now, for the sake of keeping this thread at least on the generally same page so there's no confusion, here's my definitions at least of 'cheese' and 'OP':

Cheese: Something is cheese when an item or something grants a large advantage to your team with little to no skill involved with using it while having a proportionally large disadvantage to the other team, making it difficult to play against due to it also having few to no counters, especially if such counters are very limited in how often they can be used in comparison to the 'cheese' in question. Examples: GPG, TIF, SNB DOFFs (original form), SIC console, etc.

Bonus points if the thing in question is one or more of the following:

An AoE
A force multiplier
Can be used on a lot of ships
Is obviously broken/exploited/bug
Little-to-no opportunity cost for using it

Overpowered: Something is OP when it provides such a significant advantage that not using it is an absolute foolish move to make because you are gimping yourself and your team (possibly) without it. Examples: Tier 4 placate, Romulan BOFFs with double-space traits, Elite Fleet Shields, etc.

Now, something CAN be overpowered and not cheese, while something can be cheese and not overpowered, or it can be both, or even neither.

Remember though, this is NOT about what anyone thinks is 'cheese' or 'OP' or even both of those things. Or in other words...

Tipping Point: At what point is something considered 'cheese', 'OP', or both? And pretty much just as important as that, WHY is that thing considered 'cheese', 'OP', or both? What factors are applying to make people feel that way?

An example to get the ball rolling:

Graviton Pulse. Entirely unspecced, you can argue it is still cheese due to it's AoE effect, force multiplication, etc. But it isn't that long of an effect, so it really isn't truly overpowered.

However, add in even a decent amount of spec into it with Graviton Generators, and that few moments can effortlessly jump to 20 or more seconds from a single console, 50 seconds if you REALLY spec it. At that point, especially if chained, it is significantly more powerful.

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