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09-14-2013, 02:45 AM
Originally Posted by marc8219 View Post
leaver penalty will just make sure the victims have to stay to get griefed by the campers
same premade few times in a row (know the new Tyler Durden channel...see how people get team there and 10 minutes later you see the group stomping pugs ) = Ill leave.

4-5 healers in the other team and my team refuses to focus fire = Ill leave (I even left when people I know refused to focus fire and were doing 1 v1 each at 50km away ...still in friends list thou )

heck reading this thread makes me leave just for shets and giggles.

Originally Posted by panserbjorne39 View Post
Just like in RL, where we have to have religion, laws and government to keep mofo's in line. Because it's not in people's nature to just do the right thing. They must be punished for being naughty!
Dunno where you live but in the normal world what keeps people from doing stupid things is education and even jail (the penalty) exists to reeducate people .You see jail as a threat because everyone told you if you get there things will happen to you