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I asked this in a response during a long recent thread, but I realized I might be better off asking this as a separate thread.

I'm a "new player" level 15, and am sitting down to begin to work with my Boffs in detail. I notice when looking at the STATIONS tab that some of my Doffs have skills that don't apply to that particular station. Is there a quick reference or an easy way to know which skills are useful at which stations so I can try and feebly do my best to maximize my use of what officers I have? And is there a way to find or craft officers (cheaply) that are close or even exact fits to their stations?

I'm sure that once I understand how to properly setup my Bridge Officers it will lend a flexibility and advantage I'll need and enjoy...

(Also haven't worked with Duty officers yet, so related advice on them would be very helpful, too.)