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Originally Posted by gurugeorge View Post
I used to be scared of PvP in MMOs, but gradually over the years I've gotten accustomed to it. The first hurdle is the adrenalin jag, but after a week or two PvP-ing, that will diminish to a level where you aren't just flapping about, shaking like a leaf and mashing buttons in confusion, you will eventually start to be able to keep cool and analyze, and counter; and eventually, anticipate and strike first.

Gurugeorge's entire post was great, but this particular bit I found to be the most important.

The first few times PvPing can be so overwhelming that you literally stare at the screen drop-jawed as things start coming at you and your health starts to drop. Give it some time and that raging inferno of stimulation you feel settles down into a warm glow that heightens your senses and helps you out. Just need to develop the ability to control your own adrenaline. It can still happen sometimes (Hell, that's most of the fun! ) but now it usually happens in Kerrat when I've rushed in to help somebody who is getting gangbanged and then notice I'm about to jump in a fight against 3-4 opponents that I know I can't even beat 1v1...

But... I make the most of it! I get right in there, and try to tick them all off. If I can get 2-3 on me, it is just another opportunity for me to learn how to live with strong opponents on my tail... and its working! I'm getting to where I can take the heat of 3-4 people trying like mad to kill me! Who knew! I still can't hurt them yet... Baby steps!

PvPers are just like everybody else, really. A handful of loudmouths that make enough noise to be the only ones you notice, and then a bunch of cool people that enjoy the same game you do. Sure, outside of the true jerks there is some friendly trash talk, but that is what it is. Fun. Most PvPers seem to respect each other immensely, especially in this game. I suppose that would be due to the low number of PvPers around here.

Anyway, I'm a new PvPer myself. I never thought I would get into STO PvP. Then... Romulans... Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for all of you... But I don't find Romulans thematically appealing. For me this means I haven't seen much in the way of content that holds my interest. PvP to the rescue! I'm having a blast and getting into it far more then I ever thought I would. Even bought a fancy ship for it (tho I kinda want to go back to my FAE... I loved that girl...)

Got to remember its only a game, and that today is definitely a good day to die!
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