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Originally Posted by crashdragon View Post
I just know I'm going to get raged at , called a troll, coward, etc.

But I all ways found PvPer's to be spiteful and bratty. All ways having to win no matter what the cost, childish taunting, teasing, ganging up on weaker players, etc.

Always put's me off, no matter the game. I know it's just a game, but so many don't see this and even cheat to get that all important win. The hell with feeling's that the other player is feeling.

K, rage away. =3
I'm afraid i have to agree with you.

I don't want to discourage the thread starter, i'm just telling from my experience.

PvP brings up the worst of some people, which then completely ruin the (little) fun i could have in PvP.
They sneak upon you, try to knock you down and kick you to death if they can. (they especially love to do that in superior numbers, which is more "honorful")

As playhard88 said, PvP is a team game, but i am not a team player TBH.
I have no fun in playing in a team at all. Playing in a team is just stressful and a pain IMO.
Other than that you have to min/max everything, which i just find silly.

The only real reason i would do PvP is, as many others have probably said because it is the only real challenge in STO, but the above reasons just kill it for me.
I do Ker'rat once in a while, but i am always glad when the 3 runs are over and i can just leave that miserable place behind me.

If you find that PvP is not your cup of tea and to prevent getting a gastric ulcer, then you can still find other goals to archive, like getting incredibly rich, build a Starbase on your own or convince the devs to rework your favourite Star Trek ship. Just to name a few.

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