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Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
Remember though, this is NOT about what anyone thinks is 'cheese' or 'OP' or even both of those things. Or in other words...

Tipping Point: At what point is something considered 'cheese', 'OP', or both? And pretty much just as important as that, WHY is that thing considered 'cheese', 'OP', or both? What factors are applying to make people feel that way?

An example to get the ball rolling:

Graviton Pulse. Entirely unspecced, you can argue it is still cheese due to it's AoE effect, force multiplication, etc. But it isn't that long of an effect, so it really isn't truly overpowered.

However, add in even a decent amount of spec into it with Graviton Generators, and that few moments can effortlessly jump to 20 or more seconds from a single console, 50 seconds if you REALLY spec it. At that point, especially if chained, it is significantly more powerful.
I take it some of the posters above have difficulty maintaining attention, reading or don't care, so I have quoted a very integral part for some of you =)

For me the difference between cheese and OP is that something that is cheese has no/little cost to it. It is all benefit and a very significant advantage. While OP for me is when something gives you such a significant advantage that the disadvantage is not exploitable enough to counter.

For example the recent BO fiasco. With the right set up you could fire 3 beam overload 3's off within 2s which would destroy most PvPers and probably most PvE enemies. It had it's downsides so it wasn't OP/cheese but a lot of it was negated by DEM doff and a few other things. The ability to negate the drawbacks made it either cheese or OP, probably both especially as some factions could cloak and run negating more of the downsides. I'm leading more to OP though as you do suffer in sustained DPS a bit for that awesome power, just not enough for it to lead to a significant advantage to the opposing team.

This is not an argument about the cause of the BO nerf, if it's a nerf or contributing factors blah blah blah. I am using it as an example of why it was considered OP/cheese.

Cheese for me you've already discussed with the ferpect example of rom boffs with double space traits. No disadvantage to using them, all benefit and you'd be silly not to get 5+. Another example could be pointed at human boffs before LoR too.

Really it all comes down to what the counter is and what the disadvantages are to using said ability/console vs the benefit.
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