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Originally Posted by vegie0 View Post
Now as for the PvPers reputation, we are a bit on the arrogant side. But then again, the bottom 1% of PvPers, is better then the top 1% of PvErs that have not PvPed.
This is why I have disdain for some PvPers. I dunno if I'm in the top 1% of PvEers but way back when I was flying my defiant and just on my first try of PvP I was taking on unkillable bugships in kerrat 1 on 1. I couldn't win but I forced a stalemate. Then they went back to pwning 5 ships at a time while I killed the borg.

Just because you PvP it does not make you more skilled at the game than PvE players.

My advise to the OP is try it out in the OPvP channel and/or tyler durden channel and see if you like it. STO has a lot to offer not just in combat, there are very social fleets, doffing, playing the economy and a whole lot of other things including the foundry and role playing if you're into that.

As I say, try it and find the balance you like whether that be PvP most of the time, all the time or just every now and then when you can stand the egos.
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