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09-14-2013, 07:22 AM
Originally Posted by donperk View Post
Thanks for all the work you do with this. I've read a number of your reviews and your comments are excellent.

I've got a first-time effort for you to look at, if you could:

Mission Name: The Sins of the Fathers
Author: @donperk
Minimum Level: 16+
Allegiance: Klingon
Estimated Mission Length: 2 hours (story heavy)

The player takes on a character who wise-cracks with his/her crew, but is respectful and business-like with everyone else. The dialog has an on-going sense of humor set against a serious story line. The overall concept is POV (point of view) and how people's different POV's can challenge what is believed to be the real story.

There are plenty of battles -- and they fit the story line, they aren't just thrown in. But this is story-centered and lore heavy.

I have started a project thread here and will be posting some screen caps to it later tonight.

Thank you!
Hi Donperk,

Welcome to the queue and to the Foundry. I am glad my reviews have helped you along the way to developing your first mission. Your mission is currently 14th in the queue behind Crystyll. I have made progress on the queue in the last few weeks and will continue as best I can. I will get to your mission as soon as I can.

Thanks for authoring,
If you would like a detailed review of your mission please visit my forum posting "In depth mission reports upon request" for details. Also see Evil 70th's list of missions at "Evil 70th's Missions".