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09-14-2013, 07:28 AM
The loggoff to avoid death is easy in theory. Leave people in Red Alert in the match for an additional 30 seconds before removing them. Idk, if the code is able to do that w/minimal resources though.

The other have auto rejoin the match when disconnected. When they rejoin put them in Red Alert for 60 seconds, so w/combo from above they can be targeted if they do it again. Also, auto respawning after a minute.

But, they'd need to fix respawn bugs/debuffs (power and crew and stats) 1st as well as randomize warp in points for arena.

They'd also need to fix the queues 1st to stop 5v2s from popping. They should work on the whole balance/power creep thing too or people would be less likely to even join ... oh nm.
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