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09-14-2013, 07:35 AM
I've always thought of cheese as corny or silly or absurd given the game's context. So, I've generally had a different definition then most players.

For OP, I've always thought of it as there being a basic meta structure to a game and a scope for the roles w/in that structure. When something is able to break out of that scope for a role(s) it's meant to have, I've think of it needing to be looked at as OP.

Something is very OP when it breaks out of the intended Scope to the point of changing the meta structure itself. These should be high priorities.

This is different than a 3rd thing which is time/$ gated power creep which creates large barriers of entry and is another, but not mutually exclusive issue. This often goes hand in hand w/the rate of power creep.
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