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09-14-2013, 08:17 AM
Tactical Training sounds perfect for me. I already have a couple of those, Hazard emitters, Emergency power to shields...

I haven't had much luck yet with the "wiki" but I'm impatient and probably didn't explore it as carefully as I should. For some reason I didn't find the categories along the left as "complete" sounding as they may actually be inside. Silly me overlooked the "Main Page" link which has some interesting links.

Started as an Engineer and I do need to decide on a plan for eventual profession/ship fit. (I remember reading a thread here recently about just that - now where did that thread go...) I guess that'll be what moves me from "newbie" to "advanced newbie" status...I sure hope I can "rectify" any mistakes I made through (inexpensive) respecs, etc...I know I'm just sort of moving blindly and boldly through all the content learning and refining as I go....

Thanks for the reply...