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Originally Posted by cepholapoid View Post
Hey guys,
So I posted my PvP t'varo torp build in the builds section and haven't got much of a response, but I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions. It does very well, and i place in the top two every time. The open console is occupied either by the subspace bioneural infusion circuits or tachyokenetic converter.
The boffs all haven superior rom op and subterfuge.
Doffs are three projectile officers, one gravimetric grav well doff, and one open doff slot I like switching around, but it's usually a deflector doff.
Thanks for reading
Hi cepholapoid I don't know if this will help you,
but it may give you some think to work with,
it may also be good for other pvp player who want a torpedo boat

All thanks goes to Cmdrskyfaller for his info and work on making this a B'rel torpedo boat build, info can be found in the notes
As you see the build works around the torpedoes and as a fall back has some shields hit points.
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