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Originally Posted by verlaine11 View Post
What's your profession and ships you are thinking of using, that way be able to tell if you need cannon skills, beam skills or torp skills?

Useful skills atm for you would be - also used at end game - should be able to get them from the BO trainer

Tactical Team - so you can shift your shields automatically to the attackers facing

Hazard Emitters - gets rid of nasty plasma fires and gives a nice hull heal

Emergency Power to Shields - Nice bonus to your shields and gives a resistance to damage

Reverse Shield Polarity - this is a must have skill - You take energy damage and your shields go up, very nice

Polarize Hull - is another good one as it allows you to escape tractor beams and gives a very nice damage resistance

You can find officers very cheaply on the exchange - even the purples are relatively cheap -, you also get them while levelling up and certain DOFF assignments can net you some

Hope this helps a bit and welcome to the game, im sure you will get a lot more advice.

EDIT - Here's a list of the BO skills and what they do

in fact welcome to dps online - you want to have a high attack pattern beta, some beam / cannon attack skills ,tactical team and emergency power to weapons(and while you are at power set you weapon power high)

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