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09-14-2013, 10:03 AM
Existing Romulan C-Store ships are superior. Boff & Console arrangements are very poor. Not to mention the other C-Store Warbirds offer better performance if you want a specific style.

You want traditional high Cmdr / LtCdr TAC stations? Regular Ha'feh is superior

You want a destroyer with Cmdr TAC & LtCdr ENG stations? The c-store Mogai is superior.

You want a ESC-SCI? The c-store Dhelan is superior.

This new ship is outclassed already by existing warbirds. Your performance will drop even more when you stuff the Plasma Quad Cannons.

Quad Cannons, all types, not only drop weapon energy, but engine energy also. That alone is a dealbreaker for me. Also, Quad Cannons also have [dmg]x4 mods. The absolute worst mods you can have on any weapon possible, x4. If you want "pew" with cannons and can swing narrow arc weapons around easily, DHCs are still superior. And DHCs will not nerf your ENG power while firing.