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09-14-2013, 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by ergthbeb1 View Post
While on the 'Options' menu, a joypad's shoulder buttons and trigger buttons will swap left and right through the tabs on top of the window. Does anyone know what defaults command get mapped to Joypad buttons? (Also, this is not my first time using keybinds, nor do I want to use the in-game Joypad button-mapping - just the commands that they call.)

Tl;DR I would love to be able to swap between menu tabs with my keyboard, and the game seems to allow it.
Upon further investigation of the tabbed dialog functionality it appears that there is absolutely no standard in-game. Some tabs respond to Joypad 'shoulder buttons' and the 'next/previous buttons', some can be scrolled through with the scroll wheel while the cursor hovers over them, some can do both, but most do neither.

controller buttons & scroll wheel functionality:
- Options Dialog

scroll wheel functionality only:
- Missions Dialog / C-Store Dialog

controller functionality only:
- Mail Dialog / Exchange Dialog

no functionality:
- Rewards & Commendations / Map / DOFF / Character / Dilithium Store / R&D / Bank /
PvE / Vendor / Replicator / Inventory / Mission

strange cases:
- Fleet Dialog - Controller buttons will work for at most 3 successive strokes, then the dialog loses focus.

- Social Dialog - controller buttons will scroll through tabs once, then the dialog loses focus and must regain focus to scroll again (but still loses focus). The left and Right controller buttons also stop at different places before losing focus.

Even if i figure out the command, it wouldn't do very much good.