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09-14-2013, 03:10 PM
I'm not seeing how this mission is particularly difficult. It can take some time, but not exceptionally so compared to other missions.

I have a suspicion that the "difficulty" lies in getting in over ones head rather than any inherent problems with the mission itself. The other friendly ships have their own mission parameters, and following the player blindly is apparently not one of them. So, leading enemies back to your support ships is an effective and viable tactic if you lack the firepower to take out the mobs on your own.

Transports... If you only have 15 in your Aux setting, naturally they will see you, even while cloaked, and run for it. Tractor beams and alpha strikes are your friend in a BoP, fight like a Klingon not a Fed that has no concept of guile and martial superiority.

All in all, I found this mission to be a fun change from the rest of the cookie cutter missions that space missions tend to be. It had some difficulty and frustration on the first run through, but with a tactical approach and learning to use the strengths of my ship, it's easy and boarders on routine now.

Best advice, take your time on the mobs, take note of where the freighters are and draw off their protection. When you are in command of the battle instead of having to react to all the enemy ships, the fight is far more manageable. As a player, you are in command of a Klingon starship, you are the predator. Your enemies are cattle to be culled, but even a wolf can be trampled to death by his prey.