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09-14-2013, 07:29 PM
Grignall Morat. a Horta geologist
Efficient, Resilient, Peaceful, Eidetic Memory
+25% chance to increase damage of Exothermic Induction Field and Hyperonic Radiation
"One of my forebears survived eating through a door of solid neutronium. He had terrible indigestion for 2 weeks."
"Susse-thrai" had been the name bestowed upon her, half in anger, half in affection, by her old crew on Bloodwing; the keen-nosed, cranky, wily old she-beast, never less dangerous than when you thought her defenseless, and always growing new teeth far back in her throat to replace the old ones broken in biting out the last foe's heart.
Romulans: left one homeworld, lost another, third time's the charm?

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