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09-14-2013, 07:40 PM
Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
Good discussion so far, please keep it going everyone.

Remember: 'Why something is OP or cheese', not 'what is OP or cheese'.
I guess I didn't really answer your question then.

I think the premade setup with 3 sci+ is overpowered and most likely belongs in the cheese territory.

The romulan faction is extremely overpowered with their stats.
Just to elaborate

Premade with 3 or more sci captains can chain SNB on target under focus fire, making heals and other resist buffs useless. Doesn't take a lot of skills for 5 sci captain to manage this, so it's kinda cheesy.

My second point concerned the romulan faction. I think they are overpowered with their combination of stats. I could go on listing all of them but these ones are the most flagrant.

-stackable superior romulan operative and subterfuge (perfect cloak and high crit damage on decloak)
-singularity jump that has multiple abilities embedded within itself (escape, placate, aoe hold)
-battle cloak without any drawbacks to their hull and shield point.

These 3 points above are the most offensive/obvious to me.

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