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09-14-2013, 10:40 PM
I am still alive and well, and I do still play everyday.

I Haven't focused a lot on Foundry lately due to still being distressed that
the LoR Season killed my 4th and most popular episode in my story arc.
I have been unable to duplicate the map it destroyed. Still efforting that
fix, although I fear I'll never get it back the way it was. Cryptic apparently
has given up trying to fix their blunder on the Ice Caves map that hurt many
missions from other popular authors as well.

Also, still very unhappy with the "new" rating system. It is sad that some fleetmates
and friends have been unable to get their missions played and discovered with the current
GARBAGE system. I will say it again, it is GARBAGE. Now, the Top list is slimmed down
so much that most players think that is all there is to play, leaving many great missions
undiscovered and leaving us to view Loot-o-matic garbage at the top of the missions
list constantly.
I am fortunate, I have a spotlighted mission, so my series and other missions get some attention regardless, but it is very discouraging to all new authors, friends included, when 70% of the STO players will never see or even know there is more to play than just spotlights and the "top rated" list. Most of these general players chose newer missions from the quick recognition new missions would get with a couple 4 or 5 star ratings, but no longer.
From what I can tell, 4 or 5 5-star ratings might get you at 2.0 overall rating now, so new missions get no notice or are even seen on the lists.
Anyway, I am still here, but just playing for now and not pursuing too much foundry related work, I do still send rewards to those who play my entire series, but it is still sad that the 4th part and such a huge part of the story is broken, but life goes on.

Live long and prosper all, see you out there in the STO universe.

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