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Originally Posted by royalsovereign View Post
So several Fleet T5.5 ships are better than this ship? Say it ain't so! I guess we should all ragequit right now!

Which one are we talking about? Better than the T4 with the quad cannon? Or better than the T5 Retrofit?

I bought one yesterday, because its a beauty, and I had the zen sitting there that I'd bought on sale. I don't care that it doesn't pwn in PvP. Not all of us give a fig about PvP.
I am talking about the lvl 50 ship using both the Quads and its console. So basically using the full set on the end level ship.

Also I am not talking about just PvP. It also does not really shine in PvE by comparison to most of its realistic competition. (Not even getting into the Scimitar here...)

However, it is not "Bad" it just is not particularly "Good". Meaning that if you want the best ship that is reasonably affordable then this is not really it. If you already have the other ships then this still loses. If you are fine with it being a bit less than stellar but still functional and truly love the looks (which are beautiful) then it is fine.

Originally Posted by corelogik View Post
Given it's stats, I see the Ar'kiff being at least as durable as a non-Fleet T'Varo, and I don't hear many complaints about those,...

The Retrofit Ar'kiff has the same basic stats as the Dhelan Retrofit in strength and such, and no one bitches about it much either, so,... I think some people just like to complain.

The exception to the above is of course turn/inertia rates, and Boff layout which is expected.
It only suffers from Tank and Output issues when using its Quads and Console especially when compared to the Fleet T'Varo (Come on... They are one of the easiest to get), Fleet Dhelan (Nearly the same ease), and even the Vet Ship (Hard to get or easy depending).

Originally Posted by genhauk View Post
I swear there is a bug that allows the hull to take major hits and melt away even with full shields.
1) Low Shield power = Low Resistance

2) There is, discharge your shuttlecraft. If you don't you can sometimes end up taking damage to the shuttle's hull somehow and that really screws up your tank.