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09-15-2013, 12:40 AM
There're two main PvP channels at the moment:

OrganizedPvP (a.k.a. OPvP) - This is where general chat about PvP and other related items occurs. Exactly how beginner friendly it is depends on who's on at the moment, but it's usually a good place for information and help.
[To join this channel, type /channel_join OrganizedPvP in the chat box.]

Tyler Durden - This is a chat channel set up specifically to find people to team up with and against and to quickly organize matches. I haven't used it much, but reports say that it's fairly good at that purpose.
[To join this channel, type /channel_join Tyler Durden in the chat box.]

It's good to see someone new trying PvP; hope this helps you get integrated into the PvP community, and good luck in your matches.
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