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09-15-2013, 01:49 AM
Yeah. It's pretty much obvious (although apparently not to others) that all of the Star Trek movies are bad. Some are better than others, but there is not a single Star Trek movie that was not complained about in some way or another.

TMP was boring. Star Trek II had a bunch of flaws. So did III. Star Trek IV was two winks away from from being a Star Trek parody movie. Star Trek V was just... Star Trek V. Star Trek VI had a bunch of flaws and tried hard to be Shakespeare in Space but failed. I remember a bunch of people complaining about how bad Generations was when it came out. How they killed off Kirk or that Picard could have just used the Nexus to go back in time to arrest and detain Tolian Soran well before it would have been necessary. I remember people complaining about the Borg Queen in First Contact, since the Borg was established as not needing a queen (even though the Queen was for all intents and purposes necessary to give a 'face' to a villain in the movie). Insurrection really marked the decline of quality in Star Trek movies, with Data and Worf being there for comic relief and little else. Nemesis was just plain bad. Another rehashed clone movie and another rehashed revenge plot with plenty of inconsistencies.

Enterprise sucked. Voyager sucked. Deep Space Nine sucked less than Voyager or Enterprise but still had plenty of things wrong with it.

But noone will admit it. Noone can admit that Star Trek is not The Godfather. It's not Citizen Kane. It's not perfect. It was never perfect. The series were never perfect. They had some single episodes that were gold, but over all Roddenberry planted those seeds with TOS.

To compare NuTrek to some travesty or war crime is nothing short of the same old Trekkie rage I've heard ever since I was old enough to recognize what nerd rage was. Every single movie without fail had the same Trek fans complaining about how the movie was horrible.

If anything, it shows that the JJ Abrams films are just as good as the movies and series in the Prime Universe. Because it gets Trek fans complaining, it's Star Trek. If there was a Star Trek movie that didn't have fans complaining? That's when you need to start worrying.  39147