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09-15-2013, 04:19 AM
Originally Posted by baudl View Post
i can't believe what i see^^ really looks brown-ish.
the only brown warbird i saw prior to this was the one from "a final unity" game...the first warbird was from a race affiliated with the empire.
Originally Posted by corelogik View Post
I must've seen Nemesis at least a dozen times,... and I never noticed that brown one until you pointed it out, awesome!

I feel more "justified" now in liking my brown skinned ships.
I didn't get it when I saw the movie in cinema either and actually read about it for the first time here:

I sat there sratchin' my head wondering what they mean with "brown variant".

How tricky this green/brown thing is, even in real-life, I learned a couple of years ago.
I went to buy some new trousers and came by a pair of good-looking green cord trousers.
"Good" in my case says a lot because I grew up hating these things.
Anyway the pair at least LOOKED green in the shop.
At home, with sunlight coming through the window, I realized I had bought the prettiest pair of brown cord trousers I've ever seen.