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09-15-2013, 06:42 AM
I've had 3 awesome pug matches in the public queues the past few days.

People were calling targets (on both sides) and cross-healing was abundant. And it wasn't pure vape matches either, there was definitely a sense of excitement of having a couple people hurting pretty bad and having to spread heals around while still pumping out damage against the other guys, instead of the standard "blink and you're dead."

The public queues are getting better, and this is definitely a good thing.
Devs would like a concise list of things that are broken and not working currently, so here's a short list for PvP: Neutronic Torpedoes, Ionic Turbulence, Surgical Strikes (including Faeht firing through cloak), PartGen stacking and CrtH being boosted to absurd levels.