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09-15-2013, 06:50 AM
I think you can blame Zenith... and Naz... and a bunch of other folks who are pushing the TD fight club matches.

I have not had the time to be on myself as much as I like at hours I would be able to get PvPing... but the matches I have been in....

We are seeing lots of new (or semi new) players show up... and after a few good rounds... its amazing how fast they tweak there builds.... and hell even dump the Silly P2W stuff. (its funny if you balance matches with with console use in mind... they all seem to loose them off there ships after a few rounds, after a TIF-Gravity Pulse- AMS -ect ect guy has to deal with the same build on the other side, ya no one really enjoys that stuff. lol).

I half joke... its good to know the Ques are having some good matches, super glad to hear that.

Seriosuly though my money is on ... combo of new players learning the ropes faster when we don't pug stomp them... and also that at least Some of the guys that may have unknowingly (I'm being diplomatic) been pug stomping are now in on the little STO Fight Club Secret.
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