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09-15-2013, 05:51 AM
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Since we're talking about inherent disadvantages, along with broken abilities like Gravity Well, and this comment isn't' toward you, Praxi, but the people who THINK they are working on the game:

All(?) science ships have the innate ability to disable any sub-system. Correct?
So if that is SUPPOSEDLY unique to the science-class, why aren't they allowed to have higher tier sub-system disabling up to tier 3???
Why are the stupid tactical ships allowed to have level 3 subsystem disabling?? They don't even need it!! I don't know about you guys but this seems completely idiotic.

High tier sub-system disabling should be a SCIENCE ABILITY not a tactical ability, but SCIENCE!!

What is the point of giving tactical captains that specialized ability, or for that matter making high tier sub-system disabling a tactical ability, when they could take out a target WITHOUT the need to disable any system???

If tactical captains are given such high tier sub-system disabling, why do you people even bother putting innate tier 1 sub-system disabling abilities on science ships?! Just to insult our intelligence?
This is where I've always thought there needs l be a "universal" bridge offer type. Not just station, some powers can really either 2 or all 3 classifications. This would solve that.
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Frankly, I think the only sound advice that one can give new players at this time is to stay away from PVP in STO.
Science pvp at its best-
Do you even Science Bro?