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09-15-2013, 07:47 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Thank you for the offer!

Any thorough testing performed by the community is helpful. It still has to be verified internally, but it can provide us clues as to what we should be on the lookout for.

This sounds like a good baseline for a test. Keep in mind that we'd need to know exactly what gear the Bortasqu had in every slot, all of their Rep Passives, Skills and Traits, in order to accurately quantify the results. As well the skills, gear and passives of the Carrier.

Also, we're looking at test figures in the quantities of hours of non-stop fighting. We can manage this more easily internally by speeding up a local test shard (so 10 min passes in 1 min, e.g.). If you're willing to spend that amount of time on the test, you're welcome to. Shorter testing periods are prone to spikes of inconsistency.

Survivability is far less quantifiable. A ship with a PSW or TBR equipped can almost universally wipe out waves of Hangar Pets regardless of how sturdy they are. I don't think it's worth performing this testing until we see where the relative DPS results end up.

You're talking about two extremely different and separate forms of Hangar Pet performance: Stats and AI. Don't conflate the two. While they each contribute to one another, behavior errors in the AI need to be addressed separately from any DPS parsing we may eventually perform. (And prior to, if at all possible.)

As for your commentary on our priorities... Well, you're welcome to your opinions of course, but we do the best we can to keep this game moving forward with the limited number of hours that exist in a day.

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That's a nice quote fom Princess Bride there. Sadly, it also says a lot about your psychology ... Which seems widespread about devs in general not just here.

It seems like the original complaint of this thread is getting put aside. Surely you can confirm or reject the that the changes have dramatically affected the slaver % easily. Since it something you worked on recently I would assume you would want to verify that it works correctly. Kind of like having pride in your work thing.