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09-15-2013, 08:18 AM
At last a full list of foundry episodes! Thanks for the great work kirkfat.
Anyway, I do think it would be the right time for a foundry search engine update, right Brandon? As it is now, 99% of the missions go left unchecked as you dont know their titles (despite kirkfat's awesome work there are so many foundry missions left in darkness) and if you try to filter them in any ways you still get just an incredibly small part of all the UGC. That's really bad, as I do believe The Foundry could be used as a kind of "magnete" for other Star Trek fans and/or players that would enjoy playing Trek-like missions: some of them are incredibly well written. It would be kind of you putting that in your to-do list (and give us at least a confirmation on this thread)