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Originally Posted by bpharma View Post
Shhhh, don't talk about he who must not be named! I hear he's made a come back every now and then, luckily he was beaten/outsmarted by kids.

I have some questions, I've seen people say TIF is OP or something like that, what is TIF? Also what are the doffs you were talking about? I know I could do with some decent/borderline OP ground ones for mine trap to make up for the shear number of runaways.
I think Voldy will be an issue until the game closes.

Anywho, the DOFF in question (and it's been long since fixed to anyone reading this), is the Transporter DOFFs from the Embassy.

Way back when season 7 first hit, and people began working on their embassies, they unlocked some new DOFFs eventually, including a Transporter DOFF. That DOFF was broken, VERY broken. All it was supposed to do is just allow some CD reduction on a couple of the embassy consumables I think (which I honestly consider a waste of a DOFF slot).

What happened was they would reduce CD on EVERYTHING. No joking, ALL things were reduced. We're talking BOFF abilities, captain powers, kit abilities, consoles, set-bonus powers, ALL of it. By up to about...50-ish% if you equipped 3 green ones.

It was pretty bad for awhile, but they were eventually fixed.

TIF, or Temporal Inversion Field is a three-piece set bonus power from the Temporal set you get out of the Lobi store (Tackyokinetic console, Chroniton DBB, and that torpedo). The ability itself is a large AoE (centered on your ship) that causes a significant speed reduction and increases cooldowns on any (enemy only?) ships (though it also applies for other stuff, like pets, mines, etc) that get caught inside of it, while the ship who is using it can move freely. If you use TIF on a Temporal ship, you get the opposite; namely you get to move faster, and have reduced cooldowns on everything.

It's considered OP due to the few counters it has (a main one being PSW), not to mention because you are auto-slowed when you get inside of it's range (5 km?), it's even harder to deal with for most ships.