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09-15-2013, 12:10 PM
To me an ability that does not allow for good counter-play is cheese. That means if the counter is too obscure for a player to realize what to use, or does not exist, the ability is cheese.

Let us take Sub Nuke compared to the Doffed up Scamble Sensors. Sub Nuke while annoying and powerful is not cheese. It promotes good counter play as one must be careful not to burn all their abilities at once and to know when to hold something in reserve and when they can go all out so to speak thanks to it's long cooldown, single target, and rarity. Additionally the Sci Team counter also provides a minor shield heal so it both helps remove the debuff while also helping you survive the onslaught.

The doffed scramble sensors on the other hand is no where near as powerful, it is really only an annoyance. However thanks to the short cooldown of the ability, combined with the fact it effects more than one target means that it can go from a minor annoyance into a major handicap. Their is nothing interesting or exciting about this ability for the victim it is either a minor annoyance or a huge handicap and simply put bad design.

The Devs should ask themselves not 'would this be exciting to use' when creating abilities but instead 'would this be exciting to fight against'.

An overpowered ability simply has a significant numerical advantage over similar ones. Or has no drawbacks in comparison to something else. DHCs fall into this category when compared to normal dual cannons. The downside of the DHC should be it's increased power drain but in actual gameplay they suffer the mechanical effects of weapon power drain punishes the DCs more than the DHCs, they have the same proc chance over a set period of time, and gain an extra stat to boot. The difference may be minor but in the end the DHCs create a game where the dual cannons have no purpose and shouldn't even exist in it. Although a better way of looking at that would be to say dual cannons are underpowered I suppose.

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