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Originally Posted by unheard1978 View Post
Hi dontdrunkimshoot.

thank you for your defiant info it works great.

1. Do you have a fleet regent assault cruiser refit aux2bat build please ?
As I'm finding it hard to kill a bug,

2. please can you post a eng cookie cutter please ?

3. which fleet weapons advanced or elite are best to use with which mods ?

thank you.
on a regent, you pretty much run an excelsior build with minor differences. something like this

TT1, BO2, APO1

EPtS1, AtB1, RSP2, DEM3
EPtW1, AtB1


depending on the situation, you can have a strong direct beam hit, of multi target AOE, with the number of tac stations this ship has.

that skill tree works for eng too. on any captain you would use a dps cruiser or escort with.

for a regent, acc3 elatchi beam arrays seem pretty numerous and cheep right now, cheaper then ive ever seen acc3 beams. mkXI will do, mkXII are proboly quite pricy.
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